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Embrace products 3.0 | New Features

Embrace Solutions

Since 2015, Embrace produces software suitable for the content creation industry. Its mission is to solve operational workflow pains by implementing user-centric solutions that invite customers to welcome digital transformation positively, for their own performance.

Automate-IT | Promo versioning
Executing, assembling and delivering promos methodically, on time, every time and at scale.

Share-IT | Adobe Graphics & Avid Collaboration
Share-IT simplifies the creation and publishing of static and motion Adobe graphics products via Adobe Photoshop and After Effects to Avid MediaCentral and Avid based systems.

Pulse-IT | Media supply chain orchestration
Pulse-IT enables you to translate, optimize, execute and monitor your business and broadcast processes and workflows. Pulse-IT includes simple tools for complex situations built with bundled task templates or extended with minimal code that can be performed immediately or as scheduled jobs. All execution is managed via a comprehensive, real-time, secure dashboard accessible from anywhere in the world.

Why does the Engineers team work daily to make products more efficient and to integrate new innovative features?
✔️ To make your creation content jobs easier
✔️ To answer customers and market needs
✔️ To make your media business more innovative

V3.0 available!

With the Pulse-IT and Automate-IT engine updated:

  • Improved user interaction and reusability
  • Introduced of day-to-day project Management
  • Designed speed up forms, workflow and sequence
  • Managed remote nodes and computer agent

Share-IT engine refactoring supported:

  • Cluster
  • DNxHD codec (444 only)
  • Interplay transcode (for rendering sequences)
  • New design Adobe client panel
  • MediaCentral Media Export
To conclude, this major release increases the user’s experience for:

Greater efficiency

Easier collaboration

Perfect interaction with other technologies

Stay tuned for more details or join the conversion during the 2022 NAB Show.
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