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EMBRACE Unveils New Update at IBC. v3.2 is here!

Since 2015, EMBRACE empowers content creation at scale by connecting people, systems, and processes. The Company develops advanced automation, orchestration and collaboration solutions for the Media & Entertainment industry and global brands. EMBRACE’s aim is to unleash creativity and improve performance and experience around video and graphics supply chains.

Automate-IT | Promo versioning at scale
EMBRACE Automate-IT is a promo versioning management platform bringing automation, orchestration, and collaboration to creative, Broadcast, IT and digital departments.

Pulse-IT | Media supply chain orchestration
EMBRACE Pulse-IT is a media-oriented business process management system enabling customers to translate, optimize, execute, and monitor any business, broadcast, or digital media workflow simply and quickly.


The 3.2 release of Automate-IT and Pulse-IT marks our continuing effort to offer our customers robust cloud-based media supply chain orchestration to deliver further value for TV service providers, content owners, broadcasters, and operators.

Building on the EMBRACE original software architecture, this new Kubernetes capability will be a key enabler of the broader cloud and digital transformation taking hold in the media & entertainment industry. This update also brings strong new features and security enhancements to help DevOps, Site Reliability Engineers, infrastructure and security teams deploy, manage, and scale serenely their operations with Automate-IT and Pulse-IT.


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EMBRACE announces its Pulse-IT media supply chain orchestration solution supports cloud-based deployments on Amazon Web Services (AWS).



Since the Docker release earlier this year, EMBRACE worked hard at engineering a high-scale, high-availability version of Pulse-IT. Ahead of IBC 2023, we are pleased to announce the general availability of our highly scalable media workflows orchestration solution with Pulse-IT 3.2 and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services (Amazon EKS).


This new milestone in our cloud-ready journey addresses specific needs for core broadcast content preparation applications and for delivering highly intensive file-based media workflow services. Pulse-IT software is now available as a containerized and Kubernetes-orchestrated solution, enabling new levels of scalability, reliability, and efficiency for service providers, operators, content owners and broadcasters.


Building on the Pulse-IT solution’s original software architecture, the new cloud-native offering will be a key enabler of the broader cloud and digital transformation taking hold in the media & entertainment industry. It features a rich and extensible API-based software architecture that is integrated with third-party provisioning, cloud networking and orchestration applications on AWS. Pulse-IT 3.2 is already successfully deployed with a tier-1 broadcast operator.


“Virtualizing the EMBRACE core server was our first step toward unleashing a more flexible and scalable architecture around Amazon EKS – and we are pleased to see this solution deployed by a growing number of global broadcasters and operators,” said François Billard-Madrières, Head of Engineering, at EMBRACE. “Now, through cloud-ready support, Pulse-IT delivers a new level of performance and density while enabling operational benefits, such as automated deployment and more granular system upgrades”.


A unique feature is now built at the core of the Pulse-IT server architecture. Named Intelligent Workflow Auto-scaling, a pool of Pulse-IT server nodes can now automatically manage Pulse-IT worker nodes based on business logic and production workflow execution. That means that the dynamic nature of Amazon EKS cannot impact production or the execution of workflows in progress.


Infrastructure and system engineering teams face an increasing mix of legacy systems, bespoke and API-first applications, private and public cloud services. EMBRACE understands the massive shifts happening in the media & entertainment industry – from creative to production teams and engineering. Managing promo versioning at scale or mission-critical media orchestration requires maximum deployment flexibility.


With the 3.2 release, EMBRACE now provides three ways for customers to deploy Automate-IT and Pulse-IT applications:

• a high-scale, high-availability installation with Kubernetes using Amazon EKS*

• a modern Docker containerized version (deployment using Docker Compose)

• a classic installation on Red Hat Enterprise Linux server 8

* Solely eligible for Pulse-IT


Modern deployment and operation best practices require DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering teams to ensure reliability, automate wherever possible, being proactive and observe what matters. EMBRACE now provides customers the ability to spin up a staging environment alongside their production environment as needed.


Version 3.2 also comes with the ability to run Linux Worker Nodes for Pulse-IT. Customers can now run their entire Pulse-IT environment on Linux.


Version 3.2 includes the latest security updates and patches for Python and Django libraries.



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Since 2015, EMBRACE has been transforming content creation at scale by connecting people, systems, and processes. The company develops advanced automation, orchestration, and collaboration solutions for the media & entertainment industry and global brands. EMBRACE aims to unleash creativity and improve performance and experience around video and graphics supply chains.

Our products are heavily used 24/7 by leading media groups such as ABC News, A+E Networks, AMG-Mercedes, Arte, BCE, Be tv, CANAL+, Euronews, Mediawan Thematics, INA, Orange, Red Bee Media, RTL Group, Sinclair Broadcast Group, TF1.