Embrace produces software suitable for the content creation industry that automates systems and connects people. Our mission is to solve operational workflow pains by implementing user-centric solutions that invite our customers to welcome digital transformation positively, for their own performance.

Unleash your team’s creativity

Simplified operational and technical workflows lead to reducing repeating work that dramatically helps unleash the creativity of your best creative talents and reinforces their agility as a team. Let your staff focus on what they do best and enjoy the journey!

Solve pains painlessly

Our expertise is to deliver platforms that leverage low-code, Open APIs and other modern industry standards to allow for a maximum of customer sovereignty, limit the dependance on Embrace to adapt, optimise and build workflows to easily address operational pains.

Empower your own performance

Unifying people, processes and systems across organisations allows for companies to run more efficiently. Embrace helps its users to become accustomed with the amazing potential technology has to offer to increase their performance and improve their experience.

We founded Embrace in 2015 because we all loved tech, media and people

co-Founder & CEO

co-Founder & Head of Engineering

co-Founder & Head of Operations

Marketing & Communication Manager

Channel Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Lead Engineer

Director of Sales, Americas

Solutions Architect, Americas

Business Development Manager

Senior Software Engineer

FP&A Manager

Full-stack Developer

Solutions Architect, Europe

Working with Embrace puts you in good hands. We love to deliver projects in due time leveraging our unique Broadcast and IT knowledge combined with our operational excellence. Our goal is to satisfy operational staff, unit managers and business owners alike.

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