Pulse-IT is a media-oriented business process management system. It empowers customers to translate, optimize, execute and monitor any business, broadcast or digital media processes simply and quickly.

Design, orchestrate and optimize your business process

Connect people, processes, systems and deliver end-to-end automation across your entire media supply chain from content preparation to delivery.

Maximize your existing technical and human resources

Optimize every exiting element of your media supply with software-defined orchestration, easily add external services like AI/ML or Cloud components, improve all operators work experience while reducing risks and managing costs.

More channels, more assets, less time and budget? We’ve got your back!

With the increased demand and consumption of curated and original content, workflow orchestration and execution has never been more critical. Accelerate a wide variety of content creation and delivery processes by adding the missing glue between ingest, transcoding, AI-based transcription, metadata mining, asset management, asset utilization, automated content processing or postproduction, packaging, versioning egress, and distribution.

Solution brief and case studies

  • Transform content creation
  • Maximize your operations
  • Fully automated

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  • New clips localization
  • AI services
  • 150 news bulletins/day

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  • Catalogs standardization automated
  • Full control and visibility
  • 5.000 movies and TV series/year

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Key features

Single Pane of Glass
One-view Software-defined orchestration

Workflow & Form Designer
User-centric products with a low-code approach

Seamless integration
with the M&E ecosystem: Adobe, Avid, Telestream, Cantemo,
Accurate Player SDK, AWS, Azure, iconik, Object Matrix

Pre-built tasks and connectors
Integrated library of 200+ common functions

Flexibility and Ownership
Turn a workflow into a task

Powerful Monitoring
Custom dashboards for roles

Advanced Supervision
Full-visibility on availability and performance

Advanced Security
Role-based permissions & Active Directory support

Unify and take action
Rapidly build data-powered tasks and workflows

JSON & XML Support

Deploy Everywhere
On-premise, hybrid, cloud

Embrace Pulse-IT

The low-code media workflow engine

Deployment options


High-availability installation
with Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Services


Docker containerized version
deployment using Docker Compose


Classic installation
on Red Hat Enterprise Linux server 8

Access extensive and up-to-date resources

Companion app solution brief

Companion app solution brief

“At Orange Prestations TV we constantly need to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve our efficiency and experience as a team. From ingest to distribution of media for linear TV, VoD and OTT, Pulse-IT helps us simplify complex workflows, stop repeating work and accelerate our digital transformation journey.”

Olivier Le Galloudec, Managing Director, Orange Prestations TV (OPTV)

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