A user-centric approach optimizes processes and collaboration

Designing products based on user habits and expectations greatly improves the onboarding and adoption of innovative solutions. The user-centric approach also helps break operational silos by connecting colleagues in a simple, quick and safe manner, including remote workers making collaboration easier than ever.

Our solutions seamlessly fit in any technical framework

We are strong believers in combining modern IT architecture with clear business models allowing customers to easily integrate our solutions and scale infinitely at predictable costs. As a result, all our products offer Open APIs and standard protocols, can operate on premise or in the cloud and are available with various licensing plans to meet any financial requirement.


Low-code automation allows for easy improvements and personalization

Low-code is a new way to empowering customers to write unique software applications and build their own media workflows and integrations extremely fast. In fact you draw them instead of coding them line by line. All workflows or connectors built on our platform are reusable, like LEGO® bricks, and are always secure and reliable. Not only customization is made simple to design media workflows using low-code initially, but extremely fast to adapt once in production.


Embrace Automate-IT

The leading promo versioning platform


The low-code media workflow engine

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