Automate-IT is a media-oriented promo versioning management platform. It brings automation, orchestration and collaboration to creative, broadcast, IT and digital departments.

Created for everyone

Automate-IT enables frictionless collaboration between traditionally siloed departments, albeit promotion or creative, editorial, broadcast and distribution teams.

Designed for all systems

With Automate-IT, third-party programming, traffic system, MAM platforms and Adobe® After Effects templates are connected to gather content, select the right template, apply all variables, and generate clips fully automatically.

Suitable for all processes

Automate-IT streamlines the production flows, simplifies execution, assembling and delivering promos methodically for increased efficiency and throughput.

EMBRACE Automate-IT Canal+ case study

Key features

Fully integrated with Adobe® After Effects and Media Encoder

Adobe Extendscript support (Ae Scripting – Javascript)

Web-based interface

Preview for editorial QC

Simple Workflow and Forms Designer

Advanced Sequence Designer

Tasks management

Configurable dashboards & notifications

Role-based permissions

AD centralized login

Low-code automation



The leading promo versioning platform

Case studies

  • Promo industrialization
  • Channels delivery
  • 150K trailers in 5 years

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Embrace BCE
  • TV promo automation
  • Simple creative process
  • 550 trailers/month

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  • Promo industrialization
  • Channels delivery
  • 150K trailers in 5 years

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System overview


Access extensive and up-to-date resources

“With Automate-IT, my team can quickly launch a new channel in any territory, manage different time zones in real-time and easily collaborate. The overall quality of content going on air is enhanced and my operating costs are in control and predictable”

Marc Socquet, Artistic Director, CANAL+ International

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