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Integration of Pulse-IT with AWS Rekognition

Pulse-IT, a low-code media workflow engine, unifies people, processes, and systems across organizations. Designed to simplify media workflows and stop repeating work, Pulse-IT streamlines enterprise-wide processes and accelerates digital transformation. Every task in your media process advances securely to the next stage to make sure your company runs more efficiently.

Pulse-IT enables you to translate, optimize, execute, and monitor your business and broadcast processes and workflows. Pulse-IT includes simple tools for complex situations built with bundled task templates or extended with minimal code that can be performed immediately or as scheduled jobs. All execution is managed via a comprehensive, real-time, secure dashboard accessible from anywhere in the world.

At the core, Pulse-IT is the orchestration layer accelerating a wide variety of content creation or streaming process from ingest, transcoding, AI-based transcription, metadata extraction, resources management, use of assets, automated content processing or post-production, transcoding, packaging, versioning from output to distribution.

Thanks to Pulse-IT, leading broadcasters and media services companies break operational workflow pains by implementing user-centric solutions that contribute for their digital transformation and performance.

One of the particularities of Pulse-IT is that it can process several images or videos automatically in a few seconds: this is the automation of tasks and the abolition of repetitive tasks. These images and videos sometimes need to be analyzed and classified.

Processing multiple digital images obviously requires an automated computer system. It is from this perspective that the idea of integrating Pulse-IT with Amazon Rekognition, a reference architecture for large-scale image processing came to light. Amazon Rekognition is a cloud-based software as (SaaS) computer vision platform that was launched in 2016. Amazon Rekognition offers pre-trained and customizable image recognition (CV) capabilities to extract information from your images and videos. In such cases, the Amazon Rekognition service can identify objects, people, text, scenes, activities, and any inappropriate content as well.

Image analysis on Pulse-IT using Amazon Rekognition

Integrating Pulse-IT with Amazon Recognition will allow our customers to be able to analyze their images in a simple and automatic way by designing a sequence formed with a set of tasks on Pulse-IT.  Therefore, that sequence will analyze any added input image from multiple sources local/cloud and be triggered as required to avoid reproducing the sequence.

As the result of the sequence, we could detect:

⊙ text on the image
⊙ labels
⊙ landmarks
⊙ celebrity if there is any
⊙ the age range of people
⊙ gender of people
⊙ emotions of people (happy, surprised, fear, confused, calm, disgusted),
⊙ face details (detect the presence of mustache, beard, sunglasses, eyeglasses)

Those metadata detected is represented in the following image using Pulse-IT Form. In fact, Pulse-IT provides a Form Designer containing a rich palette of UI/UX forms and tools.

After all, the integration of these two usually distinct technologies works because Pulse-IT provides Open APIs which allow to perform complex integrations with other technology in a simple manner.

About Embrace

Embrace produces software that automates systems and connects people. Since its creation in 2015, Embrace has helped leading broadcasters and media services companies to solve operational workflow pains by implementing user-centric solutions that invite costumers to welcome digital transformation positively, for their own performance. The Company’s’ product line-up includes Automate-IT, the leading Promo Versioning Platform, Share-IT, the system that connects Adobe graphics tools with Avid MediaCentral I Production Management and Pulse-IT, the next-Gen Workflow Orchestration Platform.
The technology developed by Embrace is used extensively by promo and creative teams around the world to generate videos with graphics automatically and connect the creative departments efficiently with the rest of the production environment.

Indeed, our products are heavily used 24/7 by leading media groups such as ABC News, A&E Networks, AMG, Arte, BCE, BeTV, Brut, CANAL+, CNEWS, Council of the European Union, DOCK10, Eurosport-Discovery, France Télévisions, Mediawan Thematics, INA, Nine Network, Orange, Red Bee Media, RTL, Group, SVT, TF1, TV5MONDE.

Written by Nene Tandian, Full Stack Developer at Embrace.