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New extensions for Adobe® creative tools. Designed by Embrace.

The creative community around the world massively adopted the Adobe platform for the creative desktop. In some cases, automation and integration for Adobe® Premiere Pro® and Adobe® After Effects® can greatly improve daily operations and experience for the users, especially in a context where brand consistency and animated subtitles are required for all platforms. Our new family of Embedded tools and services were designed to help solve these daily pains in a very simple manner to unleash our customer’s creative talent and help them focus on what they do best.Julien Gachot, Embrace CEO

Paris, France, September 9, 2020
Embrace is announcing today the launch of Embedded tools, a new family of Adobe® extensions tailored to improve Adobe-centric video and graphics workflows.

Embrace produces software that automates systems and connects people in the Media and Entertainment industry. The current product line-up of the Paris-based innovative company comprises 3 products: Automate-IT, Share-IT and Pulse-IT.

Alongside these enterprise and highly scalable platforms, Embrace customers were also looking to improve their creative workflows, streamline operations and best leverage their existing Adobe set-up, namely in the areas of automatic graphics or subtitling integration, directly from the editing timeline.

The engineering team at Embrace evaluated these needs and decided to come to market with both off-the-shelf extensions and bespoke Adobe® panel design services to solve specific workflow pains, especially in the context of large-scale Adobe® installations.

Embedded tools: first extension available!

Translation.emb allows Premiere Pro editors to simply manage subtitling workflows leveraging Adobe Motion Graphics Templates technology. Translation.emb exports the timeline to a standard SRT file, imports SRT files and applies graphics with expressions automatically. A multi-language program is ready in just minutes!

The Translation.emb extension comes with an automatic installer available for MacOS or Windows machines.

Bespoke panel design: 3 extensions already in production

Embrace resources become available to help customers or software vendors build state of the art Adobe® extensions to allow for specific integrations or automation.

Brut, the leading on-line video media organisation divided by 10 the time needed to produce clips with subtitles in 6 languages. Video case study available here.

A French traditional print organisation started producing stories for digital distribution. Embrace developed extensions for their journalists to run on their laptops. Ingest, searches, filters and automatic sequence generation in Adobe® Premiere Pro® is made easy and strict compliance with the brand guidelines is guaranteed.

A leading European broadcaster was looking to improve collaboration workflows between video and audio editing in their newsroom environment. Embrace developed an extension that controls folder creation, exports, imports and file renaming. Operators love it and call it the “magic button”.

About Embrace

Embrace produces software that automates systems and connects people. The technology developed by Embrace is used extensively by promo and creative teams around the world to generate videos with graphics automatically and connect the creative departments efficiently with the rest of the production environment. Our products are heavily used 24/7 by leading media groups such as ABC News, A&E Networks, Arte, BCE, BeTV, Brut, CANAL+ International, CNEWS, Council of the European Union, DOCK10, Eurosport-Discovery, DOCK10, France Télévisions, Groupe AB, INA, Nine Network, Orange, Red Bee Media (part of Ericsson), RTL Group, SVT, TF1, TV5MONDE.

Please visit www.embrace.fr for additional information or contact us at contact@embrace.fr.

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