The creative community around the world has massively adopted Adobe Creative Cloud for the creative desktop. In some cases, automation and integration for Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects can greatly improve routine tasks and the overall experience for users, especially in a context where brand consistency and animated subtitles are required for all platforms. Embedded tools and services were designed to help solve these daily pain points in a very simple manner to unleash our customer’s creativity and help them focus on what they do best.

Automate your subtitling workflows with Premiere Pro. Sorted.

Embrace Translation.emb

Translation.emb allows editors using Adobe Premiere Pro to simply manage subtitling workflows leveraging Adobe motion graphics templates technology. Translation.emb exports the timeline to a standard SRT file, imports SRT files and applies graphics with expressions automatically. A multi-language program is ready in just minutes!

Embrace - Embedded Tools

Bespoke panel design: 2 use cases already in production

Bespoke tools

Embrace resources help customers or software vendors build state-of-the-art Adobe extensions allowing for specific integrations or automations.

Embrace But
Brut, the leading on-line video media organisation, was challenged to adapt and distribute stories with subtitles quickly in 6 languages and to respect the essential graphical chart in the process. In fact, the end-to-end subtitling workflow is now 6x faster!
Logo TF1
TF1, one of the main Broadcast networks in Europe, was looking to improve collaboration workflows between video and audio editing in their newsroom environment. Embrace developed an extension that controls folder creation, exports, imports and file renaming. Operators love it and call it the “magic button”.

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